About Us

Beach loving lifetime friends and founders of Beachkit NZ, Fiona and Barbara, have shared a passion for the outdoors since they met back in their school days. 

About Us


Joined at the hip by a mutual love of warm climates the sun and the surf, the two friends went on to travel the world together, exploring one beach at a time.

The next stage in their lives followed with having kids at the same time and going halves on a bach that would fit both their families at their favourite surf beach.

The only thing left to do now was to start a business together. They took their mutual passion for the beach and turned that into their strength. As a result, Beachkit NZ, the business, was born and the product testing began!

These days Barb and Fi take this whole beach business thing pretty seriously. The quality and innovative products these two stock are destined to add value to your time spent at the beach. 

Ever since they kicked off in 2012 they’ve been delivering a revolutionary range of truly exceptional beach umbrellas to the discerning NZ market. They’re now supplying New Zealand with the finest range of stylish high quality yet affordable beach and outdoor kit. 

Beachkit – Summer Made Better.

To contact Beachkit nz please email us: beachkit.co.nz@gmail.com